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Iridium Prepaid Expiry Policy

Effective December 17, 2013, prepaid units that have been carried over for more than three years will be expired on a daily basis from prepaid account balances. For any customer who has purchased a 3,000 or 5,000 e‐voucher since December 17, 2009 and going forward, a four‐year expiry period on units will apply. Any customer whose has an ongoing balance of units that are less than three years old is unaffected by this plan.

View Iridium Prepaid Policy FAQ and Iridium Prepaid Policy Restatement


Remote Satellite Systems® provides equipment, airtime services, and 24/7 support for integrated satellite communications technology. We work together with the customer to compose a unique solution to their specific needs. Our customers have come from such diverse fields as:

Satellites for Business Resumption and Redundant Emergency Communications

It is the last resort. Nothing else works.

In the event of a major disaster, such as a catastrophic earth quake or a category 3 + hurricane, normal terrestrial communications, such as regular telephone and internet will probably not be working (this is the assumption that we prepare for). Even cellular systems and radio have similar vulnerabilities. Cellular, even though “wireless”, is not satellite based, and has antennas and towers that can be adversely effected by these catastrophic terrestrial conditions.

It is in these times when all else fails, that satellite telephones ("satphones") will work as their terrestrial components are usually very far away from the region of the disaster.

Satphones and Satellite Data Modems can be an extremely effective communication tool to communicate and mitigate information during the first most important hours, days, or even weeks after a disaster strikes.

They are relatively low cost, small and light weight and have built in battery power. Although they usually have a small monthly subscription fee, usage cost are on demand (pay only what you use), which enables very low fixed initial buy in costs with immediate availability when deployed.

Satphones are the most important and widely used communication tool in the world for emergency planning and implementation.

Contact Remote Satellite Systems to tailor a unique solution to your specific needs.

Remote Satellite Systems International is GSA Contractor # GS35F0439S

Inmarsat Bronze Certified
RSSI is an Accredited Inmarsat Bronze Service Provider Remote Satellite Systems International has been recognised by Inmarsat as an expert and trusted reseller of Inmarsat services.

Special Humanitarian Efforts for Relief and Aid

Special project rates for response agencies and companies large and small. Equipment in stock and ready to ship. Quantity Pricing Available.

Remote Satellite Systems specializes in providing Satellite Phone Communications equipment and 24/7 support for Relief and Aid Organizations worldwide. Remote Satellite Systems supplies World Vision International satellite phone communication systems and support in their humanitarian efforts for over 10 years.

Remote Satellite Systems has received the Prime Buyer's Certification as a
TOP 10 satellite phone service provider.


IsatPhone Pro

Iridium Go!

Wi-Fi in your pocket. Connect your smartphone (up to 5 devices) to the Iridium Go!

On sale now!

Introductory Price $875 (MSRP $899)


IsatPhone Pro

Ultimate Wireless Survival Kit

Everything you need for emergency and business continuity in one rugged case.

Solar Powered Voice and Data Communications

Use your Smart Phone, iPad and Laptop

Fully Activated Ready-To-Use


IsatPhone Pro

IsatPhone Pro

Global Coverage in the palm of your hand

Limited Quanitities at this Low Price prior to manufacturer price increase



VSAT - Winegard SPA 1800

VSAT for Mobile Medical, Disaster Management and Emergency Response

Winegard SPA 1800

Fully-integrated two-way controller


Auto-acquisition of target satellite

Single button operation

Compatible with HughesNet™, iDirect, SpaceNet®, Comtech®, Nera and more


Iridium Extreme

Iridium Extreme 9575

Dedicated SOS Emergency assistance anywhere on the globe


with Pelican Case and Free Ground Shipping in the Continental US


Iridium AxcessPoint

Iridium AxcessPoint

Turn your Satphone into a WiFi Hotspot

Limited Quanitities at this Low Price prior to manufacturer price increase



Portable Solar Power and Battery Packs

Compact Power To Go

Portable Solar Power and Battery Packs

Compact Power for all Satellite Systems



Inmarsat BGAN To Go Kit


Portable Power - Quick Deployment

Solar Panels & Batteries available



Iridium 9555 Kit

Iridium 9555 Satellite Phone

Lightweight. Compact. Powerful.

NOW $1225! FREE Shipping

FREE Pelican Case INCLUDED Accessories



msat G2

SMART Talk Groups

Lightweight. Compact. Powerful.

  • City State County Emergency Communications
  • Push-to-Talk Radio Dispatch over Satellite
  • Interoperable with Trunked Radio Networks
  • No geographic coverage limitations
  • Covers all of North America


Emergency Satellite Service

ISCS - Inmarsat/Iridium

Integrated Satellite Communications Suite

Finally, an Integrated Satellite Communication Suite for Business Continuity and Emergency Communication that is low cost and easy to install and maintain.

  • Inmarsat BGAN & Iridium
  • Two Distinct Voice Circuits
  • Two Telephone Numbers
  • One Ethernet Data Circuit 492 x 492 kbps
  • UPS Power System
  • Expandable Battery Backup 100% Scalable
  • Lockable & Secure Electronics Enclosure



Prepaid Iridium Sale


Preloaded SIM cards - Discounted Rates!

  • As low as $0.70/min.
  • Up to 2,500 minutes
  • While supplies last


Around the Americas

Science & Education via Satellite

RSSI Partners with Around the Americas

The scientifically-equipped sailboat with scientists and educators on board is using Iridum OpenPort on its journey to draw attention to the changing condition of the oceans.


Inmarsat BGAN Satellite Antenna HNS 9201


Ultimate Performance - Rugged Design

  • Limited Stock!
  • High Speed Broadband Access
  • Simultaneous Global Voice & Data
  • Easy to Use & Ultra Portable